Now, more than ever, we invite you to reconnect with your body, unlock your voice, transform your world.

V Vibration is a 3-part program*, taking you on an empowering journey to reconnect you with yourself and the world. Our body is in constant vibration and our Voice is the audible effect. VV accesses our true, primal Voice, which has been quietened and conditioned over time.

Explore and discover your full potential, take control, change your mindset to achieve your goals.

*Available online and in our London Studio.

This 3-part program is designed to support businesses and individuals to achieve a healthier, happier and more productive workplace and is supported by easy-to-follow guided practice recordings.

VV is led by two expert and highly skilled coaches; Philip Foster and Victoria Tomlinson - both with over 30 years experience of working with people from all walks of life, from film and theatre to global business leaders.

Wow, what a journey it has been to work with Victoria and Philip! I have never experienced such an intense and life changing online program like VV Live - I AM. I am eternally grateful to both for helping me to discover how powerful my voice can be. There is no going back from here on. Victoria and Philip leave their heart out in every single session for you. Be open, trust and embrace the experience.

Mahir Sahin - Director, Southeast & South Asia, Google

Learning with Philip and Victoria was an amazing experience. I felt as if I was entering a whoile new world. At the same time, it felt like coming home and reconnecting. This morning, after my 6th lesson, I had to attend a difficult meeting for work. I was surprised to feel a difference in how I was speaking and negotiating. I send more authority within myself, more self-confidence.

Suwanna Gauntlet - CEO, Wildlife Alliance

When the whole of you is working at its optimum and as a balanced force it will then improve and impact how you communicate, buy, sell and influence both your teams and other business networks using all mediums of communication together with your personal interactions

The course has really helped me figure out a better way to ground myself, to share and to stand in the power of my voice much more powerfully than I felt I was able to do before.

Nicole Knott- Managing Director, Accenture



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