V Vibration - Voice to Live is a program of techniques to unlock the human Voice, the sound of your wellbeing.

Philip is a fantastic vocal coach who has a unique talent and special way of approaching sound.

Lily Cole - Model, Actress & Entrepreneur

When I first met Philip, I thought I knew everything about voice. I was wrong. His unique approach to connecting you with your instrument is new and most important it works! It was an enlightenment that I am grateful for.

Luke Evans - Film Actor

The Physical – learn about your body, how it’s put together and how to achieve your optimal body function through musculoskeletal re-patterning to create new muscle memory. Posture, breathing and, therefore, muscle oxygenation, brain function, detoxification, lymphatic system, digestion, blood pressure and circulation are all improved. Optimal Voice is achieved when the body is aligned correctly and oxygenating fully.

The Mental – through breathing and meditation techniques, learn how the authentic Voice comes from a place of silence and not the chaos of language, everyday stress and todays lifestyle. Our goal is to transform your thinking and the way you express from this contracted place to a world of complete freedom and self-expression.

The Energetic – understand your energy centres and their corresponding glands to re-charge and access your hidden potential and energy. The body flows with a natural energy once vibrational messaging through he whole system is re-patterned.

The Emotional – through various vocal, breathing, emotional connection techniques, and most importantly, understanding what the human voice is capable of, you will learn to play your ‘instrument’. Experience yourself as a complete instrument and connect to your ultimate self-expression.

Philip Foster – Founder

The V Vibration method has been developed over many years born from a history of being silenced. As I know from my own personal journey, finding my voice has given me a life of empowerment, freedom and integrity. As an Artist from a theatre and music background I have been working with the Voice, both spoken and sung, for over 30 years, working with Artists from the creative industry, global and business leaders and people from all aspects of society. Everyone has their unique vocal blueprint – my goal is to reconnect you to the greater harmonics of your authentic voice.

Victoria Tomlinson – Body Coach

The V Vibration Method highlights how important it is for human beings to be in touch with and understand their bodies to truly express their unique and individual sound. As an Artist and specialist in the Pilates and Movement Patterning Industry for the past 30 years, I have worked with both top theatre industry professionals and trainees and with people from all walks of life. I believe that we underestimate the importance of our bodies – they are the only home we have for a lifetime!

You Are Your Instrument

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies – everything that looks solid is made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you! So if it’s true that all matter is composed of vibrating strands of energy, then so are we. In this scenario, the body itself is literally a symphony of strings and our cells, organs and tissues are in constant vibration. Billions upon billions of frequencies interact and resonate within us and most importantly with each other. So if Voice is your audible vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, we then understand that the human Voice is heard not only through our ears but through our bones, our skin and every cell in our bodies – the very nutrients for our nervous system.

Sound and vibration play a fundamental role in your life and can even change the structure of matter!

Join us for this exciting and innovative program – a unique journey of sound. Feel comfortable within your body, find your confidence, transform your life – Stand in the Power of Your Voice


The course has really helped me figure out a better way to ground myself and to share my voice much more powerfully than I felt I was able to do before.

Nicole Knott - Senior Manager, Financial Services, Talent & Organisation at Accenture

The V Vibration system is delivered in modules which can be applied both to group and one-to-one settings. We can also specifically adapt these modules to suit any bespoke requirements. When in groups, the system is split into a two-day program and when working one-to-one can be delivered over a number of weeks.

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